Manuel Llorente does not resign but admits having "made mistakes"

  • The president of Valencia called a press conference for the poor results.
  • After the defeat against Rayo, the Mestalla fans requested the resignation of Llorente.
  • He recognizes his failures this year, as Pellegrino’s choice as coach.
  • He recalled that these three years the debt was reduced and qualified for Champions.

Image result for Manuel LlorenteThe president of Valencia, Manuel Llorente , to whom part of the fans of Mestalla has asked to leave in the last two games at the Mestalla, said at a press conference that he has no commitment to the presidency and that if he remains in office he is for an exercise of responsibility.

A bad sporting moment should not put the club in an institutional crisis

We are not stuck to this chair , we are stuck to our responsibility, humanly and personally I would have much more peace if I were not here, but we have acquired commitments that we have to fulfill,” he explained.

The leader acknowledged that ” I made mistakes and I assume them “, as the unsuccessful bet by Manuel Pellegrino as coach, but defended the work done by his board of directors in the three and a half years leading the club.

“Valencia is a strong club and we firmly believe that we have the resources to continue developing the work that started three and a half years ago, we know everything we need to improve , at all levels, economic, social and at this time sports, “he explained.

“A situation of bad sports moment should not place the club in an institutional crisis at a moment as delicate as the one that Valencia is going through, at the moment when Valencia is most united, we have already demonstrated throughout history that together we can reverse any situation, “he added.

After listing that during his tenure, they have been able to produce the debt, comply economically and qualify for three consecutive years for the Champions League , he recognized that he understands the current anger of the fans.

Understands the anger of the fans

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I understand that the fans are angry, we are too , because we have not seen the team play with continuity and efficiency, and that is our challenge, I have no doubt that we will take this situation forward. demand sacrifice and give more than they have given up to now, “he said.

If I knew that with my march the team will win I would not be here

“We have to thank the loyalty and understanding of the fans , for what football is, they have had patience, the Mestalla fans are the greatest asset and the most valuable in Valencia, even though they take out my scarves and tell me Llorente go away. put all the necessary resources to take care of this hobby, “he continued.

Llorente said that ” if I knew that with my departure the team will win immediately and economic problems will be solved, I would not be here now and I would have left for a long time.” We are here for our commitments and responsibility. this club falls into emptiness and social disorder. “

The maximum leader of the Valencian club recognized that he has gone badly after the blows he has received from the fans and that he had never experienced such a situation before.

“If I did not feel bad I would not have feelings, I am not a machine, we have feelings and it tastes bad, but there is also a sense of responsibility that is, up to this moment, above these feelings,” confessed Llorente, who acknowledged that ” I can not assure you that I can be until the end of the season as president, I have my plans. “

On the economic situation of the club and the imminent payment that he has to make to Bankia for his loan, he informed that both parties have been given three more months to continue negotiating more the conditions of this loan.