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Date posted: September 30, 2021 at 3:25 p.m.
Last update: September 30, 2021 at 3:28 pm

City reminds small business owners of available resources

Oakland, California – On July 21, 2020, Oakland City Council amended the Local Business Eviction Moratorium Orders to comply with the Governor’s Order in Council. The current executive order is due to expire on Thursday, September 30, 2021. The protections that prevented commercial evictions of small businesses and nonprofits for non-payment of rent will end on that day. The rent arrears may be due in full depending on the payment plan or some other agreement negotiated between the tenant and the landlord. The the moratorium on residential evictions remains in effect until the end of the local emergency declared by Oakland City Council.

Resources available

With grants from the City of Oakland, the San Francisco Bay Area Civil Rights Lawyers Committee (LCCRSF) has hosted webinars and one-on-one consultations on commercial lease negotiations for the past 10 month. Lease Negotiation Webinar Recordings and presentation slides are available in multiple languages ​​at:

In addition to monthly virtual legal services clinics, the LCCRSF offers individual consultations on commercial leases through the Legal Services for Entrepreneurs program. Apply at:

Companies with specific questions about commercial leases can also email: [email protected]

In October, the LCCRSF will host the two in-person and virtual seminars “Know Your Rights for Commercial Tenants” to help homeowners threatened with eviction once the moratorium is over. Both sessions will cover the eviction process and the legal protections available throughout the process. Seminar details and registration links will be posted shortly at:

Commercial tenants wishing to obtain additional information and support on the eviction moratorium can contact:

Business owners and entrepreneurs who have general business questions can contact City staff through the Business Remote Assistance Center (BAC) pilot program. Oakland Economic & Workforce Development staff will be available for 30-minute appointments at five libraries:

  • West Oakland (every other Monday morning)
  • 81st Avenue (every other Tuesday evening)
  • César E. Chavez (every other Wednesday evening)
  • Golden Gate (every other Thursday morning)
  • Eastmont (every other Friday afternoon)

Appointments until December are by reservation only. To make an appointment, visit For help scheduling an appointment, call (510) 238-7398.

Moratorium on residential evictions not affected

The statewide moratorium on evictions and rent increases ends September 30, 2021. does not affect the Oakland residential moratorium which will last until the local emergency ends by Oakland City Council. Do you have questions about residential rent? Ask before you act! Contact a RAP Housing Advisor at (510) 238-3721 or [email protected]

Give the example

After summoning business owners, real estate owners and investors on restructuring leases, the Oakland Economic Recovery Advisory Council recommended that landlords work with businesses to develop terms that include a combination of rent cancellation, deferral and elimination of fixed monthly payments, replaced by a percentage of sales.

At its June 1, 2021 meeting, Oakland City Council passed an ordinance authorizing lease amendments with seven tenants at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza to write off up to 50% of rent balances. The ordinance also authorized up to a one-year period of reduced rent to further assist small businesses and nonprofit tenants in their recovery. It was felt that leaving or closing these businesses would create vacancies in the esplanade that would be difficult for the City to fill at comparable short-term rental rates and could eliminate jobs. City council determined that offering a reasonable rent reduction and rebate would reduce potential loss of revenue for the city and prevent further worsening of the plaza conditions.

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