Tenants in East Hollywood, Koreatown and Highland Park have filed a lawsuit against the landlord of their building

Tenants in East Hollywood, Koreatown and Highland Park say they were happy with where they lived until their properties were recently purchased by real estate company K3 Holdings.

“We don’t have anyone to call anymore if we’re locked out, a pipe bursts, whatever,” East Hollywood tenant Kate Doyle said.

Laurie Wexler has lived in her apartment building in Koreatown for 16 years. According to Wexler, the elevator has not been in full operation since July. She is disabled and lives on the third floor.

“They never fixed the elevator properly, they never did. They just let it go,” Wexler said.

Brielle O’Connor is a tenant of K3 Holdings in Koreatown. She says her building was cleaned weekly. But under new management it is now cleaned monthly.

“We have tenants who have maggots on the floor, mold, cracks in our ceilings, leaks. No litter is picked up,” O’Connor said.

Tenants reported these issues to the city and inspectors posted notices ordering them to comply.

Highland Park tenant Alma Angel has lived in her K3 Holdings building for 25 years. She is dealing with toxic black mold according to a mold inspection report and claims management has yet to address this issue.

“There was mold in the bedroom, the living room and in the bathroom. All they did was spray liquid on it,” Angel said.

Angel is one of 16 tenants who filed a lawsuit against K3 Holdings.

“For a very long time they tried to weed out families of color, like Latino families, to bring in white families who would pay more,” Angel said.

A lawyer representing these tenants says many of them do not fully understand their rights and are vulnerable.

“Based on their practices, they primarily targeted Latinx tenants. Primarily immigrant tenants, working-class tenants,” attorney Claudia Medina said.

ABC7 contacted K3 Holdings about these allegations and they gave us this statement:

“K3 Holdings acquired these buildings six to eight weeks ago, so much of what is being discussed took place long before we took ownership. Still, we understand that we are responsible for maintenance and services residents, and we look forward to earning their trust.

Our team is committed to the community and remains eager to serve residents thoroughly and with respect. Residents are encouraged to email management at [email protected] if they have any concerns. We are committed to ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly.”

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